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Frogs and Amphibians Highlight Image. Green frog on branch.

Frogs & Amphibians

Starting their life as an egg, these animals go through a metamorphosis as a larval juvenile to their adult form. Access to high humidity and moisture is a key when keeping any amphibian.

Lizards and Geckos Highlight Image. Chameleon

Lizards & Geckos

These reptiles come from all over the world, in all habitats and countries except Antarctica. They range in size from the smallest geckos in the world, dwarf gecko, to the largest lizards, the Komodo Dragon.

Snake Highlight Image. Snake


Living their lives without legs, these reptiles have adapted to be some of the most efficient predators that have ever existed. They are able to see heat given off by their prey, eat it whole, and are able to move up to 12 mph!

Turtle and Tortoises highlight.

Turtles & Tortoises

These shelled reptiles date back millions of years. They can be found in oceans, deserts, forests, and lakes around the world. With some species able to live up to 250 years, these amazing animals are a lifelong pet.

Basking Platform

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Basking Platform

Many reptiles need terrarium décor that enables them to act on their instincts to bask. Basking in heat and light is important for their health, as it regulates the synthesis of vitamin D that allows them to absorb and metabolize calcium.

Featured Reptile
Blue Tongue Skink

These goofy lizards have stout bodies, short legs, large heads and a ton of personality. With a lifespan of about 15-20 years, they are easy to keep in your home and bond well with their keepers.

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